Bermuda Cup Match 2015

July 30 & 31

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Bermuda Cup Match

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Cricket in Bermuda

Cricket in Bermuda Cricket, a British game that originated in England centuries ago, not unique to Bermuda. It originated as a sport of the British Royal Family, possibly with King Edward II in the year [...]

Wear your Colours

  Every year, before the start of the Cup Match holiday, rival fans can be seen donning their team's colours in preparation for the big event. Whether you are in St. Georges, Somerset, or walking [...]

Cricket – Learn the Game

Before the first ball is thrown, know a little bit more about the game.   Cricket is played with a bat and ball on a large field, known as a ground, between two teams of [...]

Tips to Survive Cup Match

Tips to Survive Cup Match For Everyone: Let Your Hair Down and Prepare for Stores Closing – It is okay to relax and enjoy yourself on the island. It may be best to head to the [...]

Travelling to and from the Game

This year the Cup Match Classic will be played in the Somerset. Here are a few ways to get to the game: 1. Sea Express Traveling by ferry in Bermuda is an excellent way to get [...]

Cup Match legends: Adrian King

During the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, a host of talented Caribbean cricketers graced Cup Match.   These wonderfully gifted individuals each brought their own unique character, style and skills to the game. Some Cup Match [...]

What is Crown and Anchor?

The Cup Match holiday isn't just about Cricket. It is also an occasion for off-beat mid-summer peculiarities that include a vibrant carnival atmosphere and the potential of winning fast, tax-free cash.   Whichever team hosts the annual [...]

Cup Match: By the numbers

Ever wondered which batsman has the best average, or who produced the most impressive bowling display by a colt? How about which batsman hold the record for highest last wicket partnership?   Well, our quick [...]

Cup Match Legends: Arnold Manders

It has often been said that at Cup Match time in Bermuda, many a household is divided in respect to club loyalties. Such was the case with this Cup Match legend, Arnold Manders.   While [...]

Cricket is on Bermuda’s Map

Do you know… How many of Bermuda’s Roads are named in honour of Cricket? By Horst Augustinovic   Cricket, a centuries-old game that originated in England, was first brought to Bermuda in the 1840s by soldiers of [...]